Let's create highly impactful digital experiences, driven by collaboration, creativity, and the voice of the user.

Hi there, I'm Dan

I'm a user experience designer with strengths in strategy, research, facilitation, agile methodologies, and behavioural economics. I'm also in a few bands and love watching movies.

2019 - PRESENT
User Experience Designer

Working with Sun Life Financial to improve key insurance journeys and build an integrated cross-site financial planning experience.

I'm a self-identifying ENTJ

I love public speaking, I'm obsessed with the details, and consider accessibility, strategy, and data when crafting design solutions.

Proving assumptions wrong is half the battle... and possibly half the fun

I'm focused on creating and testing multiple solutions and iterative validation in design.

UX Toolkit

Design Tools

I design on Figma (...sorry Sketch) and use it every single day. I collaborate using FigJam and test my work with proxy users on UserTesting or UserZoom. I'm also fluent in the Creative Cloud and have been known to build some crazy Confluence pages.

UX Resources

Some of my go-to resources include Dribbble for wild inspiration, blogs like UX Collective, Design Course on YouTube, and of course Nielson-Norman Group for some cold hard facts (among many others).

UX Projects

These are some of my favourite projects. For each one, I outline the process and end results.

Creating a financial planning experience

Led the design of a north star vision for an integrated financial planning experience embedded across Sun Life's website.

Project Overview
Leading design in the Onboarding Accelerator

Re-imagined the life insurance onboarding journey using the design thinking process over an eight-week period.

Project Overview
Optional critical illness insurance journey

How might we improve the way users learn about and purchase critical illness insurance through their benefits provider?

Project Overview
Starting a family landing page

How might we design a MVP experience that re-imagines our life insurance journey for new parents?

UI Example
Optional life insurance CUI experiment

Experimentation with a conversational interface, helping clients purchase life insurance with our virtual agent, Ella.

UI Example
Ella Asks Questions

Jump-starting client engagement by using Ella to ask questions, improving our ability to deliver personalized insights.